I am a Software Developer that knows how to operate several Digital Content Creation Tools, although I don't consider myself an artist.

I mostly write Python and Qt for the Visual Effects (VFX) industry, but had working experience with web development, using HTML, CSS (preferably with SASS) and Javacript (coding with jQuery and Vanilla mostly and gulp/webpack for automating/bundling). I am on the process of learning C++ to contribute back to Open Source projects I use on a semi-daily basis.

You can reach me at LinkedIn, Github or Twitter, where I go by the alias of minkiu.

2019 Resolutions

Hopefully by writing them here I will give me extra motivation to do them:

  • New year, new website.
  • Get in the habit of blogging.
  • Contribute in either one of these Open Sourceprojects:
  • Start a new Open Source project.
  • Proper learn C/C++
  • Improve my Python skills.
  • Improve my Guitar skills.